Nature, Culture, Pleasure

This is a tour through Tuscany as the normal tourist will never see. You drive with our well-trained four-in-hand teams, put to shooting breaks, along the backtracks, you will be hosted by the families of the vintners and castle owners, by the countesses and princes, your will be treated as a guest and not as a tourist.

Do not expect the luxury of a 5* hotel, you will be accommodated sometimes in simple farmhouses, sometimes without private facilities in your room, but this is the entrance fee to see Tuscany as it really is. You will gain atmosphere. The wine and food you will be served is the food the Italians eat, and the wine the Italians drink, things you will never get in an Italian restaurant out side Italy. You will always feel welcomed and never exploited as a tourist. You will travel at a speed allowing you to see the flowers along the road and to chat with the people working in the fields.