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The Story of Coaching in Bavaria

It was the Arabian sheiks, who, by turning off the oil valves in December 1973, unconsciously initiated the foundation of Coaching in Bavaria. The first weeks of the energy crisisbrought in Germany a total prohibition of the use of private motor cars for some week-ends. The family of Nemitz, founders and owners of Coaching in Bavaria, live in a lonely country-side farm, som 5 miles away from any public transportation. As no-one could determine, how long thsi car prohibition would last, Mr. Andreas Nemitz remembered his abilities acquired in the 1950s when he had been an apprentice in the Royal Private tud Farm of H.R.H. Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, and where he had been trained in riding young horses and driving four- and five-in-hand teams. So Mr. Nemitz bought a horse and a light carriage to guarantee the mobility for the family, even during the oil crisis. This had been the beginning of Coaching in Bavaria, Romantic Horse-Drawn Carriage Journeys. Soon he had two, then four horses, detected his passion for carriage collecting and restoring, found out, that thsi was becomming a very expensive hobby, and decided, to offer journeys with horses and carriages for everybody.

By the success of this idea, out of a by-job Coaching in Bavaria became a full-time profession, timewise with up to 16 horses and 30 carriages and sleighs, to meet all the demands of the clients. For major groups up to 250 passengers a group of carefully selected sub-contractors is available. Props work for moving pictures as well as schooling students in the art of pair- and four-in-hand driving complete the range of offers.

The first long distance travels from Germany across the Alps to Italy were made √≠n 1984. A long list of these long distance travels and promotional rides followed for GErman and International companies. The weekly highlight of the program of Coaching in Bavaria is the tour “On the Tracks of the Fairy Tale King”, a tour starting near Munich and leading to the romantic castles of king Ludwig II, repeating the royal way of travelling in the 19th century.

During later years 50% of the guests came form English speaking countries such as USA, England, South Africa, Australia. The others are mainly Germans and Swiss passengers.

From 1987 Coaching in Bavaria became General contractor for the GErman Posta administration to organize and perform all historical activities during the 500th anniversary of the post. Further-on various awards were given to Coaching in Bavaria.

1990 the first japanese clients arrived, small groups, but full of enthusiasm for the individual services and the park-like scenery of Bavaria. The tour progam had been extended into Hungary, Czechia, Austria, principality of Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, Italy.

Now a wide variety of 16 different tours all over Europe can be offered.