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Goethe's Journey     Hortensian miracles of Prince Pickle


Goethe's Journey
Weimar - Thuringian Wald - Meiningen and/or retour (Tour 13)

Kutschenfahrten in Thüringen und Sachsen A journey by mail-coach along the Classic Roads,on the old route of the Prince-Thurn-und Taxis Mail

5 days Reise, 6 nights

Weimar - Meiningen:
on request for 8 guests minimum
Meiningen - Weimar:
on request for 8 guests minimum

- mail-coach journey with a four- or five in hand original mail coach (1875)
- transfer from Meiningen back to Weimar
- 6 nights in 3x 4* hotels, 2x 3* hotels, 1x simple pension in a castle


Itinerary Tour 13

"On top of the Yellow Carriage..."
......who does not know this popular folk song. It reminds one of a time, long before rail roads, cars and aircrafts, when the horse drawn mail was the only means of a regular and reliable transport of news and men.

The trotting of the horses, the rolling wheels on cobbled streets, the sound of the post horn have disappeared. Mail coach man and posthorn, however, have become symbols of the good old times, which seem to have been in the memory more colorful, more comfortable, cosier, more tasteful than in the reality of those times.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Friedrich Haendel and Robert Schumann used the tune of the posthorn. For Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the most frequent traveling poets of his time, the mail-coach journey itself had become even the parable of the way of life in the poem "An Schwager Chronos".

Travelling by mail-coach in those times might have been more tiring than nowadays, but it was not more boring: The traveller could better receive the impressions and report later the experiences in long letters to home. A piece of poetry has disappeared together with the mail-coach, which had had its place in the hearts of the people.

These bygone days can now relieved: A mail coachman in historic livery drives an original four- or five-in-hand coach. The coach offers 8-9 seats. From Weimar the tour runs to the moat house of Gross-Kochberg and to Ilmenau, onto on the top of the Thuringian Forest and via the medieval town of Schleusingen to Meiningen, the city of the theaters. Five days pure romanticism!

By the way: you will be surprised by the comfort and how easy this original coach out of 1860 rides!


Day 1: Weimar
Individual arrival
Overnight: 5* hotel "Elephant"
Things to see: Goethe's house, Schiller's house, the Wittums palace, German National Theater
On request: guided tour through Weimar, dinner in the "Elephant cellars"

Day 2: Gross-Kochberg
Overnight in a simple pension inside the moat house
Things to see: the moat house, former home of Charlotte von Stein, the elder mentor of the young Goethe, amateur theater
On request: chamber concert

Day 3: Gross-Liebringen
Overnight 3* hotel
Through small country villages which duck into the valleys we arriave at the castle hotel "Edelhof" in Gross-Liebringen and spend the night in historic surrounding.

Day 4: Ilmenau - Gabelbach
Overnight 4* hotel
We visit a small family brewery which as an undependent company had survived the whole East German Democratic Republic. A very good beer, brewed every Thursday, just for the consumers around the place, we drink under the huge old trees and eat the best Thuringian sausage ever. In den evening in the hotel "Gabelbach" we can visit Goethe's hunting lodge, close to the hotel, and we can enjoy the wellness opportunities in this wonderful place.

Day 5: Schleusingen
Hotel "Goldener Loewe"
Along the "Rennsteig", the former (nearly exterritorial) track of the various couriers between the kingdoms, dukedom, principalities in Central Europe we arrive at the "Stutenhof", a  former mountain pasture for horses, now a coy inn with terrific views over the wooded hills of the Thuringian forest. In Schleusingen we find the huge Bertholöd's castles, now a museum of natural sciences, the Henneberg Highschool, the oldest high school in Germany still in service. The 3* hotel "Goldener Loewe" will host us for the night.

Day 6: Meiningen

4* hotel Sachsenhof
Along small rivers we come to the monastery of Vessra, now a museum of agriculture. The river Werra with its medieval stone bridges accompanies us for the afternoon. The evening and the night we spend in the little former residence town of Meiningen, a famous theater, a theater msueum, the castle Elisabethenburg with its English garden and fortified churches.

Day 7:
By van return to Weimar.


Single room supplement: EUR 16,00/night


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