Coaching in Bavaria

Mail Coach Tours and Hunting Carriages Tours



Mail Coach Tours in Bavaria

Tour 1.2:
The King Ludwig Round Tour - 4 Days

Tour 5:
Bavarian Coachmen Meet and Bavarian Folk Festival at Burggen - 5 Days




Mail Coach Tours in Austria

Tour 8:
With a four-in-hand shooting break - 4 Days
- in combination with Tour 1.2: 7 Days



Coach Tours to and in Italy

Tour 6:
Lindauer Messenger - by Mail Coach across the Alps - 12 Days

Tour 9.1:
The Tuscany tour (one way) by four-in-hand carriages - 6 Days

Tour 9.2:
Tuscany round tour by four-in-hand carriages - 15 Days

Tour 16:
Coach Tour along the historical road Via Claudia Augusta



Hungarian Tour

Tour 12:
Round Tour by four-in-hand carriages - 14 Days




Coach Tours in Thuringia and Saxony

Tour 13:
Goethe's Journey - from Weimar via the Thuringian Forest to Meiningen  -   journey by mail-coach along the Classic Roads, on the old route of the Prince-Thurn-und-Taxis Mail - 5 Days

Tour 14:
By Mail-Coach and four horses to the Hortensian miracles of Prince Pickle (Fürst Pückler), the castles and parks of Muskau and Branitz, East Germany and alongside the Polish border, a widely untouched area - 2 Days - also possible 5 Days